Sweet Jayne's is owned and operated by me, Jayne Yelich, and was borne of my love of great food, cooking, gardening, and the unique satisfaction one gets from nourishing others.

From the time I was old enough to lick cake batter out of a mixing bowl, I was in the kitchen with my mom, my grandmothers, and my two sisters. My early memories include rolling pie crust out with my mom on her ancient pastry cloth, turning the pasta crank to make fresh noodles for my Grannie's chicken noodle soup, and learning the proper mechanics of baking from my sister, a Home Economics teacher. These experiences stayed with me when I started baking and cooking professionally while in college. In 2001, I started working at Potager restaurant, a Denver institution, where the produce comes from local famers, and the menu consists of seasonal foods. Working for chef and owner Teri Rippeto for more than a dozen years taught me the value of working directly with farmers, living and cooking with the seasons, and the many benefits this way of living can bring to our lives. This has translated to Sweet Jayne's, where I make food from scratch with love, and use organic Colorado produce in all of my pies and pastries.

You can find me at the Pearl Street Farmer's Market in Denver on Sunday mornings mid-May through mid-November.

Please contact me directly for special orders. You never know what may be in the oven on any given day!