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Sweet Jayne’s is owned and operated by me, Jayne Yelich, and was born of my love of food, creating delicious desserts and nourishing others. Everything that comes out of my kitchen is baked from scratch, with local fruit and quality ingredients.

My wonder years:

My earliest memories are in the kitchen with my mom, my two older sisters, and my grandmothers: Rolling pie crust with my mom, turning the pasta crank to make fresh noodles for Grannie’s chicken soup, and learning the proper mechanics of baking from my older sisters.

None of us were ever far from the kitchen and I saw that cooking was caring for those you love. I honor the women in my family by using all the skills and traditions they passed on to me.In high school I worked for Sylvia and Trudy, the Gourmet Girls. Trudy’s girls were my childhood buddies and I ate many a delicious meal in their home. To this day I dress every salad exactly how Trudy did: olive oil, lemon juice, s/p and lots of parmesan. I admired them both, that they cooked and served their food with a lot of laughter, and a fair amount of grit, qualities that have influenced the way I operate Sweet Jayne’s. They were the first in a long line of women I have had the privilege of working for–bakers, caterers, private chefs, line cooks, and inspiring entrepreneurs running successful businesses.

Muffins in Missoula: the game changer

While in college in Montana, I worked for Christine Littig at her lovely Red Bird Restaurant in Missoula. One quiet Saturday lunch wait shift, I came to work with blueberry muffins to brighten her day. Christine was impressed and insisted that I take over the dessert program. She gave me the opportunity to expand my skills, taking the dessert list as my own and growing my baking wings. I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity that shaped my professional life.

Small town girl moves to the big city:

In 2000 I moved to Denver to be near my sister. I was looking for a job in fine dining. I found my home at Potager in 2001. The restaurant was owned and operated by the talented Teri Rippeto and her dad Tom. Teri was dedicated to cooking local and seasonal long before it became mainstream. Her menu changed once a month and desserts changed daily. I worked at Potager for nearly 14 years, filling the role of baker, manager, bartender, server, the maker of cassoulet, and the very important job of unloading the seasons bounty when Teri returned from her Saturday morning trip to the market. I found a family at Potager and learned the value of working directly with farmers, living and cooking with the seasons, and the impact this has on our lives. My years at Potager working alongside so many talented and caring people was matched only by the amazing customers, so many of whom have become dear clients and friends of Sweet Jayne’s.

I relied on all of these experiences to shape my business, Sweet Jayne’s, which I operate from my home. The food I make is a testament to the beautiful produce from Colorado: rhubarb, strawberries, cherries, peaches, plums, pears, and apples make my baked goods all the more special. I honor quality ingredients from organic sources whenever possible. The quiet focus I find working in my home kitchen is a joy that I share with my partner Mike, who also spends time helping at the farmers market and is my first and best assistant. His self-proclaimed titles include: Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent of Signs and Labels and Logistics Intern, (both are unpaid positions).